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Like it or not, it's what we do

A premade layouts community.
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This community is not for you to promote other communities, post pictures of yourself, or make requests. It's just a place for us to post the layouts that we make.

If you use a layout then comment on the entry & credit the community & whoever made it somewhere in your userinfo. EX: Layout by justoolate of x3layouts. If you don't, you will be banned.

If you would like to post a layout that you made then feel free to do so. Please make sure the entry is friends only, include a preview AND put your codes under a cut or in a scroll box.

Do NOT steal anything and claim it as your own. Stealing just isn't nice.

Be nice to eachother & have fun :]




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I've decided to put this in here because people haven't been crediting & commenting on the layouts they take. It's really getting old, so from now on, if we see you have one of our layouts & you're not crediting, we'll simply post a comment in your journal asking you to credit. If you still decide not to credit, then you will be banned from the community.Also if you read this & you took a layout but you never commented on then layouts entry, please go back & do so. This is just to keep track of who's using what. Thanks.


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How do I give credit for the layout that I am using?

There are a few different ways to credit for a layout. One way is by using one of the banners above. All you need to do is go to manage>info then where it says "about me" paste the code for the banner. The second way is just putting "layout from x3layouts" in your userinfo, or something similar. We're really not that picky about how it's done, we just want to make sure it gets done.

How do I do a livejournal cut?

To put something under a cut, use the following code: <*lj-cut text="WHATEVER"*> Make sure that you get rid of both of the *'s. You can change the word WHATEVER to say whatever you'd like. Whatever appears under this code will be under the cut.

How do I make a text box?

Why doesn't my layout look like the preview?

If your layout is missing something, or somethings not quite right, then you probably didn't copy all of the codes or you didn't follow all of the directions regarding that layout. Go back to the post and get the codes again. It should work.

How do I "define a website in my userinfo"?

Go to manage, info, then where it says "Webpage URL" type a link to any website, it doesn't matter which one. You can even put www.livejournal.com if you'd like.